Friday, June 9, 2017

I remember a long weekend early one summer, many years ago, when I was a university student and my parents were away for a long weekend and I was staying at their house looking after their pets.

I was starting a summer job on the Tuesday and I was thoroughly enjoying my three days of solitude and peace.  My parents lived in the country and there were no neighbours nearby and no one was running a tractor or cutting wood.  Just the sounds of nature.

On one of those sunny mild afternoons I was sitting on the back deck with the dogs and I experienced such a feeling of contentment and presence.  I just wanted to stay there like that forever.

All through my life I have been most contented when I've been able to be by myself, somewhere peaceful, not trying to do or be anything or get anywhere.  Just being.

Which is one reason I love retirement so much - it gives me many more opportunities for that kind of moment.

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