Sunday, October 16, 2016

The only way I seem to able to stand living in my condo with my neighbours almost constant dropping of things or banging of doors etc or dogs barking outside is to have white noise and fans and other noisy things running non-stop.

I rarely just listen to music anymore because I can't hear it over the (necessary) background noise.

The only way I can listen to music or watch a movie is by wearing headphones.

I wear earplugs at times but they're not all that effective and after a couple of days my ear canals get sore.

I know buying a house is not an answer.  I've owned three houses and a cottage in the country and at all of them I've be bothered by inconsiderate neighbours.

I try to just recognize the fact that I'm never going to have peace and quiet in my life but sometimes it just gets to me and I wonder how I'm going to go on.

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