Monday, May 11, 2015

Low-rise pants for men.

What are people thinking?

The only people they look halfway decent on are those who have an absolutely flat stomach and abdomen.

For the rest (majority?) of us who weigh more than the ideal there's no way to wear these pants without them riding low down on the gut and making it look even bigger than it is.

The most flattering look for a rounded figure is for the waist of the pants to ride around the largest part of the bulge, above the hip bone.  It's never going to make a gut look flat but it accentuates it the least.

This is one of my many grievances with the fashion industry.  The dominance of "The Look" over what looks good on a real human.

Another reaction I have to low-rise pants is that when I see someone wearing them (especially skinny jeans) I can't help but think of Mr. Potato Head with the huge head and body and these little stick legs poking out of the bottom.

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