Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why do so many girls/young women seem to believe that they don't have to move for anyone when they are on a sidewalk or a hallway in a building?

It's like they think they're on a fashion runway or a red carpet or something and they're so important that everyone should make way for them.

Boys can do this too, but usually only when they're in a pack.  They're a little more polite when they're on their own.

I have also noted that, generally, the more "fashionably" a woman is dressed the more demanding and obnoxious her behaviour.

(By "fashionably" I don't mean nicely dressed, I mean wearing articles (often expensive) they have been told are "in" or "the latest" etc.  These are also the type who will tend to wear way too much makeup and sport some tortured extreme hairstyle.)

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